A Brief Note On Culturally Competent Leadership Essay

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Culturally Competent Leadership
The most complex goal in the field of education is preparing school leaders and teachers to work with students who are racially, ethnically, and economically different from themselves (Gay, 2002). Critical areas of cultural responsiveness strategies in education present 21st century leaders with the overwhelming responsibility of reviewing policies, procedures, and programs in schools. (Pitre, Jackson, & Charles, 2011). Leadership is often regarded as the single most critical factor that determines the success or failure of organizations (Bass, 1990a). One important function of leadership is that it provides support for development of values, norms, organizational cultures, diversity and beliefs that enable the success of organizational development (Gardner, 1995; Dunn, 2000; Canabou, 2003; Nahavandi, 2006). Additionally, educational leadership scholars for social justice have emphasized the crucial role school leaders play in ensuring the academic success of all children, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, ability, sexual orientation, age, language, religion, or socioeconomic status (Brown, 2004; McKenzie et al., 2008; Theoharis, 2007).
Cultural Competence is a developmental development and journey that requires a long commitment by individuals (Bennett, 1993). The ability to coexist in an environment that is cross-cultural empowers the organizational structure, agency, and those professional individuals to work together successfully in…

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