A Brief Note On ' Black People Don 't Value Marriage As Much As Other Groups '

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Getting Real About Race I chose to do my paper on Dawne Mouzon’s “Black People Don’t Value Marriage as Much as Other Groups” essay. This essay not only opened my eyes, but changed even more of the views I had on marriage and race. Mouzon not only speaks about Black, White, and Mexican American marriages, but she also does a great amount of research that helps support her article. Many of the surveys involved questions about how important it was for the family to have a good steady income, an exceptional education, and good economic stability. The results from the surveys blew me away. I could not believe how unaware and close minded I was when it came to race and marriage. It caused me to take a step back and think about some of the reasons on why I may have these views. One main reason I really enjoyed Mouzon’s essay is because of the important History she provided when it came to supporting the decline in Black marriages. She gave examples about the Atlantic Slave Trade, how the Jim Crow Era affected Blacks choices, and slavery. She proved how all of these still to do this day have an impact on Black marriages. Mouzon states that much of the investigations on black families have been decreasing because of deindustrialization that is produced by globalization. Due to slavery and the Jim Crow system we have been talking about in class, it shows that Blacks are still suffering severe consequences from the past, putting them in a minority group where they do not have…

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