A Brief Examination Of Gothic Architecture And Its Revival Essay

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Smokestacks and Spires
A Brief Examination of Gothic Architecture and its Revival

The late European medieval period saw the development of what we refer to today as Gothic architecture. Through new technological and design innovations, Europeans built awe-inspiring buildings to house their most precious institutions: royal palaces, castles and cathedrals--many of which remain largely untouched by time’s flow centuries later. Drawing from ancient Roman technological advances, the Gothic tradition made heavy use of architectural features such as arches, vaults and buttresses to create buildings that were not only structurally sound, but beautiful as well. Many centuries later, these buildings became nostalgic symbols of a simpler and better time. Craftspeople and thinkers such as Augustus Pugin and John Ruskin are now referred to as members of the Gothic Revival movement for their interest in Gothic architecture and their desire to reintroduce it into nineteenth century building and design. In this paper, I will examine the roots of the Gothic Revival movement and will therefore be looking to Gothic architectural elements and their predecessors to help contextualize the writings of both Pugin and Ruskin thus determining the nineteenth century movement’s significance within craft and design history. I will begin with a brief overview of Gothic architecture, its elements and its parallels to Islamic styles, continuing with a summary of the development of European Gothic…

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