A Book With Ocd By Emily Colas Essay example

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Before I start talking about the book I have chosen to read, I would like to describe how I came to my decision upon choosing the book. When I first saw we had to read a memoir I was nervous because I have never read one. So the first thing I decide to do was find what a memoir was. After learning what a memoir was I felt less anxiety because I knew what I would be dealing with. My next step in continuing this project was figuring out which book I had to read. Our professor gave us a list options to read dealing with different mental health issues such as bipolar, OCD, Depression, Alcoholism, and Schizophrenia. I chose a book with OCD because I felt I could relate to this disorder a lot. This led me to my option, which was Just Checking: Scenes from the Life of Obsessive Compulsive.
The book was written by Emily Colas, which makes it an autobiography, in 1998.

She writes the books providing small journals of her daily life with her OCD. She is

usually obsessed with the idea of being poisoned by drugs slipped into her food or

contaminated by germs from needles or diseased blood. At first she shares her fears with

her husband, requiring him to taste the food on her plate before she eats it or to question

waiters about possible cuts on their hands. She would make her husband remove his

shoes before entering the house and perform extraordinarily rituals when disposing the

kitchen garbage. However after the birth of her second child, her husband loses patience.…

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