A Biomedical Engineer 's Job Essay

1012 Words Nov 30th, 2014 null Page
A biomedical engineer’s job is to seek solutions for illnesses and to advance the medical field. To help find these solutions biomedical engineers are inventing a way to create artificial organs to make more accurate drugs without side effects. As a result, much controversy has resulted from biomedical research and how biomedical engineers obtain their specimen. The results of this research have yet to be determined, but many researchers believe the benefits will be worth the risks and will put a halt to the criticism. As a biomedical engineer, ethics is an issue that is constantly faced because of controversial research; therefore, supporters and opposers are seeking a solution to unethical research.
Biomedical engineers must be able to determine the consequences of their research and must take ethics into consideration. Ethics serve as a guideline for biomedical research by presenting rules that must be taken into consideration to be assured no unethical practices. Timothy F. Murphy makes references to the Belmont Report by stating, “ The Belmont Report identified three key concepts as guides for research: respect for persons, beneficence, and justice.” (Murphy 4). These concepts serve as guidelines to conducting an ethical research, but do not cover all of the controversies in biomedical researches. The Belmont Report does not mention research dealing with animal and the creation of embryonic cells. The first concept, respect for persons, pertains to how biomedical…

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