A Biography Of Kate Chopin: A Re-Awakening

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In the PBS documentary, Kate Chopin: A Re-Awakening, Kate Chopin’s grandson, David Chopin said “she used to have these Thursday afternoon soirées and all the poets and the writers and the editors and people who happened to be in town were there. She sat there like the Grand Dame she was and entertained them” (Kate Chopin: A Re-Awakening). Kate Chopin’s writing career was relatively short, lasting for only about 5 years. She worked almost entirely in fiction, writing two novels, one at the very beginning of her career and one near its conclusion, and a few trivial poems (Wolff 208). Daughter, sister, granddaughter, and mother of six, Kate Chopin (aka Katherine O’ Flaherty Chopin) is known as one of the first feminist authors of the 21st century, …show more content…
Louis to live with her mother. However, her mother died the following year leaving Chopin and her children all alone again. She began writing to support her family. In 1890, she published her first novel At Fault, followed by two short stories, “Bayou Folk” and “A Night in Acadie.” In April 1899, Chopin published her second and most popular novel, The Awakening. In American Writers: A Collection of Literary Biographies, Supplement 1, Cynthia Griffin Wolff quoted the St. Louis Daily Globe-Democrat, “it was a poignant masterpiece that traces its heroine’s nascent stir-rings of sensuality, however, public opinion turned against her saying that it is not a healthy book” (Wolff 201). “The Story of an Hour” was originally published in Vogue magazine in 1894 under the title “The Dream of an Hour.” It was then discovered after the publication of The Complete Works of Kate Chopin and championed by feminist critics for its themes of female self-assertion and the confining nature of traditional gender roles. “The Story of an Hour” has invited a wide range of critical discussion and has become a favorite in college literature courses (Explanation …show more content…
Chopin died in St. Louis, Missouri on August 22, 1904 after suffering a brain hemorrhage. Even though Chopin’s popularity did not expand until about 10 years after her death, to this day, Chopin continues to be renowned as one of the greatest feminist authors of the 21st

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