A Beautiful Child 's Story Essay

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To be a child in America essentially means that you are learning from your surroundings, therefore the general and popular modern day advertising, culture, and lessons are what a child is going to be seeing and hearing growing up. A child’s experience can be extremely different from another child’s experience, depending on gender, race, religion, and class. In the article from “A fabulous Child’s Story," it explains how there was a baby being raised with the gender unknown by the parents. Some might think that it was an impossible task, for example, in the story it states how family members and friends wanted to, or already had bought gifts for baby X, yet the parents would not tell them “what is was," in consequence, baby X barley got attention because no one really knew how to address the baby or give them the ‘correct gendered” attention. Therefore, as a child, the experiences that a girl and a boy encounter are quite different. They experiences differences in the people, places and even colors around them. When a child is born and the gender is revealed you will see people bringing in either pink or blue accessories, yet if the baby is a girl does pink HAVE to be their favorite color? And vice versa for a boy. The stereotype for gender as a “baby reveal” color is not as much as a problem as if a girl grows up thinking she cant enjoy the color blue because it is a boy’s color. Quite frankly I completely disagree with this since my favorite color is blue, and I do not…

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