A Balanced Diet For A Child Essay

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Healthy School Lunches A balanced diet for a child helps contribute to their physical and psychological development. The National School Lunch Program (NSLP) is the main source of food in schools, reaching around 31 million children (Jeon, Kim, and Kim). Children consume around a third to a half of their daily calories in a school setting (Schanzenbach). Schools are the best place to implement policies to provide students with nutritionally balanced meals, as children consume a large portion of their daily nutrition there. Schools should be required to provide healthy meals, which meet a child’s daily nutritional needs, to every student. The School Meals Initiative requires schools to provide meals with an adequate number of calories, limited calories from fat, and that meet nutritional standards (Jeon, Kim, and Kim). The schools have not yet caught up to the national legislature, and some of the legislature is lacking. Congress is shooting down the plans of the USDA to reform school lunches. A third of the vegetables served in schools are potatoes, and the tomato paste on a slice of pizza is also considered one whole serving of vegetables (Shah). The USDA planned to limit the servings of starchy vegetables to a single cup a week in order to get more green and orange fresh vegetables on the plates of students (Shah). Congress shot down these plans and instead “bowed to food companies and specific industries instead of experts on health and nutrition” (Shah). Our…

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