Essay on A Bag Of Marbles, By Marc Rothemund

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In the memoir, A Bag of Marbles, Joseph Joffo recounts his and his brother, Marurice’s, journey of survival as Jewish children who spend World War II hiding from Nazi soldiers in France. The movie Sophie Scholl – The Final Days, directed by Marc Rothemund, tells the story of the founding members of the White Rose resistance group, established during World War II, Sophie Scholl and her brother, Hans Scholl. They were student activists against the war and Nazi propaganda and wrote and distributed rebellious leaflets, but they were arrested, put into custody, underwent interrogations and trials, and were eventually, executed. Through these two perspectives of lives during World War II and the German occupation, insights to two differing goals are demonstrated to the reader and the viewer. For Sophie Scholl, as a rebellious German, her goal was the survival of an idea, whereas Joseph’s goal as a Jew, was simply survival of life. Joseph Joffo and Sophie Scholl each used certain aspects of their cultural identifiers, such as their education, economic status, and other various facets of their lives, like gender, race, and age, to fight for the values that they held dear to them, whether for family or for standing up for a strong cause, in order to survive in life and to uphold the survival of an idea.
Sophie had the advantage of being an educated, college attending, German during World War II. Even though she was a rebel, she was still part of the dominant culture. She used the…

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