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Developing Coaching and Mentoring within Organisations

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This report has been written to aid the development of coaching and mentoring within a leading banking and financial service company.
As public sector organisations implement severe cuts and the private sector faces increased competition, all having to manage 'more with less', an increasing number of organisations are turning coaching and mentoring into their training and development solution of choice.
This report will determine the value of coaching and mentoring; highlight some factors to consider when developing coaching and mentoring and show models and methods
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Another possible disadvantage is that in some instances, the mentor may feel that the mentee is not progressing quickly enough or doesn't seem able or willing to follow her direction, leading to frustration. The mentee may also become frustrated if she feels that she is not getting the guidance she needs. In either situation, it may be necessary for the mentee to find a new mentor if practical before the situation erodes further.

Through coaching and mentoring, the counter staffs that are more reticent in speaking with customers regarding the banks other products, should become more aware of the ‘bigger picture’ in terms of their job role. Some staff are acutely aware that a selection of customers merely want to complete the transaction they came for as quickly as possible and return to their normal day but through mentoring should at least be able to pose the questions to the customers which may lead to a referral to the financial advisors.

Factors for Consideration

There are many factors to consider when developing a coaching and or mentoring plan for any type of organisation.
The degree to which the goal of mentoring activity has been specifically articulated or understood. Participants may not have a clear vision of the specific goal or outcome. When goals are not clearly defined, progress towards useful results could be hampered.

The nature of commitment expected of participants. The

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