5 Siciotechnical Components Essay

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The last component for the systems affected is how to set goals. They must be action plan in affect with the total quality management model. There should be a check and balance to ensure the effect of the new strategic plan, make it is communicated throughout the organization what the successes and failures are. All members need to realize the strengths and weakness of the company and how they can be altered. Make sure the accomplishments are measured at all levels. Also, the managers must provide a common language to be shred within the organization. Hence, the scorecard reshapes the company’s alignment. It helps align each member individually and collectively. It is a way to capture the market niche, gain power, and improve on
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The organization needs to redesign its lines of authority, span of control, and arrange the work functions so that they are all aligned in once cross function. This will help Wengart Aircraft become more competitive in nature. In addition, the companies’ hierarchy needs to change. Some of the current layers need to be adjusted to fit the structure more flat. This will allow more enfaces on cross functional teams. By merging members of different groups together as one in order to create a flow of ideas that are not bottled between systems. The company should try to centralize its units that way the groups can have autonomy when decision making occurs. Rather than its group members for production will help the quality of its systems. Centralized will lower the cost and help speed of the process on how production is made. It will also decrease redundancies’ measure in place for accountability, retained earnings could increase.

The next system that has been affected is the psycho-social systems. Currently Wengart culture is one that the senior members ineffectively communicate a clear vision or mission of the company’s objectives. The main focus should be to ensure quality control for its top clients. The managers should communicate to its subordinates how valued they are, and there relationship to the overall success of the company. The managers need to act in a way that its members feel a common

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