4 Disciplines of Visual and Performing Arts Essay

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Visual and performing arts enrich our lives in a variety of ways. They entertain us, educate us about the world, let us see our world in a different way, and help us record our world for future generations. There are many different forms of visual and performing arts. In this essay, I will discuss painting, music, theater, and dance. Painting is the art of putting a medium on a flat surface with a brush. The mediums used to do this are as vast as the artist themselves. Some of these mediums are watercolor, tempera, fresco, and oil. Watercolor is a pigment that has been mixed with a water soluble substance. It is mixed by the brush and water. It creates a translucent quality that is not useful to an artist who wants to paint …show more content…
Another form of dance is Theatre Dance, which includes Ballet, Modern Dance, and Jazz. Theater Dance is the vision, or work, of a choreographer—essentially a dance mastermind. A ballet is a classic style of dance. The movements in ballet tell a story with out any dialogue. Modern dance is more abstract and emotional. Jazz dance is inspired by the music. Jazz dancing can include tap dancing, and even break dancing and hip hop. Because

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