4.2 Practice 2 Essay

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Graded Assignment

Prewriting: Attitudes Toward Women
What You Turn In

• A prioritized list of your five most important ideas • A thesis statement in which you clearly present the argument you'd make if you were to develop a full essay • A summary or plan for a full essay based on your five most important ideas. Be sure to include quotes you'd use to support your ideas

1. INTRODUCTION a. Thesis Statement: With different motivations, but similar intentions the word choices and poetic rhetorical devices of the speakers reveal their attitudes toward women.
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Describe the tone and figurative language—imagery, simile, hyperbole, etc.—used to present woman as objects rather than their importance as human beings i. Elaborate on men only appreciating women for their physical appearance and ability to please their partner • In 'To His coy Mistress', the woman is portrayed as beautiful, "The youthful hue sits on the skin like morning dew." Here, the speaker praises the fair complexion of the woman through the use of simile. • Similarly, in 'My Last Duchess', the Duke makes comments regarding his ex-duchess being captivating and alluring. "That's my last duchess painted on the wall, looking as if she were alive. I call that a piece a wonder". Here the Duke tries to impress the envoy with his ex-Duchess’s beauty as he stops to admire the painting of her. 4. The value of love versus total disregard for the role of women in society a. Compare and contrast the reasons each poem portrays both of these ideas b. To His Coy Mistress=values woman and the love they give i. Based on the speakers urge, or motives, for a sexual relationship with the lady ii. Describe the speakers polite techniques to praise and persuade, and how they develop into impatience and desperateness c. My Last Duchess=humiliates the role of women in society i. Show how women are viewed/treated as inferior and

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