3d Printing For Robotic Assembly Lines Essay

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Military: -
3D printing technology has the potential to play a crucial role in combat. Military applications often need custom designed and miniaturized units. 3D printing can support rapid production and development to fulfill the specialized functional requirements of the military. Army is already using 3D printing in combat zones. 3D printing can influence strategies and tactics of future aerial combat and Air Force is looking into the advanced manufacturing capabilities that 3D printing has to offer. In the past there were many problems like budget cuts, expensive and delayed development. They faltered because they were trying to build a large expensive manned aircraft that took years to develop and be made. The solution was to shift in their paradigm is by using thousands of customized drones of 3D printed parts with the help of robotic assembly lines. This way they can quickly build different aircraft systems with a frequent acquisition cycles based on iterative development process. Navy is also seriously considering the possibilities of having 3D printers on board its naval ships that can change the way supply chain is handled. It is not only impossible but impractical to carry every single spare part for that could break on a naval ship. They understood that by just carrying basic raw materials they can produce replacements for damaged parts on the ship with the help of 3D printer. Example: F-18 fighter jet has 90 parts that were 3D printed and placed on the plane.…

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