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Coursework Structure/Instructions

Course Code and Title: ABDM3314 Entrepreneurship
Semester : 3 Year 2
Academic Year : 2014/2015
Programmes : Diploma In Business Studies (Marketing, E-Commerce & Marketing, Retail Management, Finance & Investment, Human Resource Management, International Business, Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Accounting, and Banking & Finance)
Lecturer/Tutor : Lee Lian Fatt (L&T), Augustine Lee (T), George Tan (T), Jerry Fong (L&T), Joann Lim (T), Joshua Wong (T), Lai Mun Keong (T), Nicholas Yoon (T), Oh Kim Yong (T), Owen Chan (L&T), Richard Chia (T), Sean Tee Poh Kiong (T), Serena Liong (T), Teh Koon Ching (T),
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Hence, each group is required to register their selected organisation/industry and their NEW product with the respective tutors. The approval of the selection from the tutor concerned is based on first come first approve basis. This is to avoid of same organisation or same product been studied.

b. Students are NOT allowed to produce their Business Plan without a proper registered (approved) organisation.

5. The format of the written assignment should be of the following:

a. In Times New Roman font and of size 12, line spacing of 1.5 with the normal page margin on A4 paper.

b. Page numbering shall be placed at center bottom of page and in sequence starting from Table of Contents.

c. Securely bound as a formal document or project.

d. The assignment shall be submitted in hard and soft copy (DVD/CD).

6. The following items/pages shall be included in the document for submission (as assessment criteria as listed in the Evaluation Form A):

a. Cover page shall carry the following particulars:

i. University College name & logo, Faculty name.

ii. Programme name, Course code and title.

iii. Assignment (project) title (product & organisation).

iv. Tutorial group no.

v. Group member list and ID.

vi. Tutor name.

vii. Completion/submission date.

b. Plagiarism statement which is duly

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