21st Century Solutions Health Care Hospital Case Study

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In today’s century, organization and management have become more vital within the health care industry. Being employed at the 21st Century Solutions Health Care Hospital has allowed me to interface with many diverse professionals, including physicians, nurses, and allied professionals in a mixture of health care settings. However, the medical line of work takes a lot of courage and patience while dealing with different individuals’ personalities and how to be equipped to handle hectic situations according to the issues at hand. 21st Century Solutions Health Care Hospital is requiring me to track professional certifications, stream legal issues within the hospital, and present detailed monthly reports on the general functionality of the health management division. Therefore, having a proactive administrative department can have a huge impact on the hospital in order to continue successfulness. …show more content…
The structure consists of hierarchical arrangements of authority, communication, and duties in order to fulfill the levels of positions. Since the duty of each major head within the organization relies on the strategy of the hospital, it allows the upper level of management to give decision-making powers and tight control over the middle and lower levels of departments and divisions (BusinessDictionary.com, 2016).
Levels of positions The mission and value statement for 21st Century Solutions Health Care Hospital is to continue improving the health of the people served by providing a higher quality of care, a comprehensive range of services, affordable cost, convenient and timely access with exceptional service and compassion. The vision for this hospital is seeing that everyone in the community and surrounding areas find pleasure within our facility and trust the quality of services provided by the professional medical

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