20th Century Arts and Artist Paper

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20th Century Arts and Artist Paper
The subject of this course is an exploration of the ideas and values from the Scientific Revolution to the Second World War, examining the various revolutions in the world (scientific, political, economic, social, spiritual and artistic) and their impact on philosophy, theology, literature and the arts. This course so far has allowed me to see the influence of the Western thinking, forms of thinking and ideas on non-Western cultures and vice versa. As an accomplishment of this assignment I want to review and contrast five artists of the early 20th Century who were influenced by the changing world and their lasting impact on the arts, even to this day.
In our reading Georges Méliès was one of the most
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Copland's concern with modern techniques lessened during the Great Depression. Reacting to a changing social consciousness, he (along with a number of other composers) began to shape his style to speak to a larger segment of the population (Sony, 2001). This comes through most clearly in ballets such as Billy the Kid and Appalachian Spring and in his music for films (Sony, 2001). In these works, simpler (but no less sophisticated) harmonies, broad melodies, and hints of folk melodies created a sound that came to be associated with our pictures of the mythic American West (Sony, 2001). And works such as Fanfare for the Common Man (my favorite) and A Lincoln Portrait (in which the narrator recites various writings of Lincoln) added a popular and patriotic element.
Henri Matisse was born as the son of a grain merchant in the Picardy region of northern France. He studied law and worked as a law clerk. When Matisse was 21 years old he became seriously ill, and during the phase of recovery Matisse started painting and discovered his passion for art.
Two years later he attended art classes and experimented with different styles, and was most influenced by the impressionist and post-impressionist painters Pisarro, Cezane and van Gogh. Around 1905 he established his style of daring bright colors expressed in broad bush strokes.
In 1941 Matisse suffered abdominal cancer which severely affected his ability to paint. He was unable to

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