1984 Essay

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Although a society based on hate can survive, it is highly unlikely. In 1984, by George Orwell, the party kept the people under full control by brainwashing them. This is not realistic because in today’s world someone, whether it be another government or the people living in this society, would end it. People of today have been taught that they have rights and if those rights are taken away, something isn’t right. There are many examples on why a society could not thrive purely on hatred, some of which are present in 1984, The Lives of Others, and the real world. The society Winston and Julia live in in 1984 is a society based on hate. The evidence to back that up would include O’Brien, at the end of the novel, telling Winston there is …show more content…
Even with the banning of different types of literature and trying to keep ideas against the Nazis out of the minds of the people, Hitler still fell from power. Hatred will eventually be hated and the man in power will fall. Hitler created and empire based on the hate of certain racial groups and religions, he was prosperous for a long enough time that people didn’t know when or even if it was going to end, but it eventually did. Another example would be the Soviet Union. Oppression was present and there were very strict regulations, but that fell as well. No matter how much control or how much one scares the people. Hatred will not reign forever. Some arguments for a society based on hate surviving would include the idea of scaring the people into always following the government rules or oppressing the people so much to where they didn’t have a choice besides to follow. These would be valid points in fictional societies, but people in the real world, no matter how oppressed or scared, will eventually overcome and overthrow the government or group in charge. There have been many attempts at complete control over people through genocides, oppression, restrictions, etc., but none of the following lasts for long. Obviously there are many grey areas in this topic and it can get way too complex to completely discuss, but overall societies based on pure hatred will eventually fall. Now, there are some governments

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