1984 Totalitarianism

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One of the main themes of the novel is power of the government. This theme is visible is the totalitarianism of the government in Oceania. In Oceania the Party rules everything in the daily lives of the citizens. It is clear throughout the whole novel that the power that the Party has is unlimited. The leader of the Party, known only by the name Big Brother, can be found everywhere almost as a way to remind the people of who has all the power in their society.
They constantly monitor their citizens and watch the main character, Winston, through telescreens. Even the history and the language are being controlled by the Party. Winston works for the Ministry of Truth where he changes history to be the way the Party wants it to be remembered. The Party are during the story also working on introducing a new language, Newspeak, that is supposed to eliminate rebellion by simply not inventing any words that have anything to do with rebelling against the government.
The party has outlawed anything that doesn’t fit their ideals, even free thinking is illegal and even thinking of rebelling is seen as one of the worst crimes a person can commit.
All of these things make it obvious that power is a main theme of the novel and something that plays a really big part in the world that George Orwell created.

Another theme in
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Winston, and Julia, swears his allegiance and loyalty to the Brotherhood when they have been invited to O'Brien's apartment who they believe to be part of the Brotherhood and who promised to introduce them into the Brotherhood. Winston promises to have a loyalty to the Brotherhood that is very similar to the loyalty that the Party expects its citizens to have towards

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