12 Angry Men Juror 8 Analysis

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The play “Twelve Angry Men” displays an interesting story with compelling characters. This play plays with your mind on about who’s right and wrong. The case tricks the Juror's mind if the boy is even guilty at all. This starts a huge drama story with a few cases of confusion . The “Hero” of the play or the person who convinced every Juror that the boy was Not-guilty is Juror Eight. Juror Eight is the hero of the play because of him convincing the other juror’s that the evidence was false and proving the “Old man’s” view of what happened false. changes the other Juror’s minds as well. In some ways Eight did bring a good point making the evidence false. There were two witnesses during the murderer case. One was an old man, and the other was an old lady, both of these people saw, or heard when it happened, but the old man was much closer to the scene . This makes some Juror’s suspicious with this old man’s “Evidence” which leads to Eight explaining on why he thinks it’s false. “Eight: Something doesn’t fit….., Five: Well it stands to reason -, Three: You’re crazy! Why would he lie? What’s he got to gain, Nine: Attention maybe?” Eight makes a good statement when saying that the Old man’s view doesn’t make sense due to the El train blocking his view and hearing. Nine tends to agree with Eight saying that the old ma In the beginning of the play almost every Juror in the room picks “Guilty” except for Juror Eight. He believes that the boy is “Not-Guilty” saying that the evidence is somewhat false. Of course the other Jurors don’t believe it. At one point he takes out a knife that …show more content…
It’s fascinating to know that this show is more than just a “Murder Case”. It plays with your mind on who is right? This book wouldn’t be that “compelling” without Juror Eight who always kept going. Juror Eight is the hero of the play due to him convincing the other JUror’s that the boy was

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