11 Major Misconceptions Of The Black Lives Matter

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The police apprehended him later that day, but yet when he got arrested the officers offered to buy him food because he was hungry. Really? He just killed nine innocent people for no reason and you buy him food because he is hungry? Knowing if he was an African- American they would not even offered him any food because he was hungry, they most likely would have let him starve. Another example is when the cops got a call about a white man who has a gun and is armed and dangerous, I repeat, ARMED AND DANGEROUS. The man was having a shootout with the officers. While during the shootout against the officers, the man already killed two people and injured one. At the end the officers caught him alive. My question is why is he alive? Cops are trained …show more content…
Yes the nation knows that the black-on-black crime is bad, but there is also white-on-white. Most murders are between our own races. Black Lives Matter focuses on the crime problem too. But it does not show that black people are more violent or dangerous than any other race. Most of it is because blacks are prone to be poorer, a lot more likely to go to a non-affluent school in a bad area, and is more attracted by police ("11 Major Misconceptions about the Black Lives Matter Movement."). Being colored put a target on our back. Another myth they have is that we are a leaderless group. I mean we have leaders, but they are not well known because everyone in the Black Live Matter movement is a leader. No we don’t have strong well known leaders like Malcom X or Martin Luther King Jr. leading the way but everyone is a leader in their eyes are making a difference to their city, community, and the entire nation. It feels like all the people in the Black Lives Matter movement is doing what Martin Luther King Jr. did, but making it one big voice instead of one person saying something. This is much needed because it shows that we as African-Americans can stand up now and voice how we feel. The most ludicrous of them all is that the Black Lives Matter hates white people. First off, this is not a hate group. We do not go around saying we hate white people. The only thing the …show more content…
We were taught that we should not ‘see color.’ And saying the word ‘Black’ was an acknowledgment of the fact that we did ‘see color.’ Black people, on the other hand, don’t have the luxury of being ‘colorblind.’ They live in a culture which constantly reminds them of their Black-ness, which tells them in a million large and small ways that they are not as important as white people, that their lives actually do not matter as much as white lives. Which is why saying ‘Black Lives Matter’ is so important (Halstead).”
We can not go get a regular job after a black man get convicted unlike a white who can rebuild his life. A white kid raped a little kid while babysitting the little kid. Got caught and he get no sentence because the judge thought jail was too harsh for the kid, but when a black man get charged with rape he gets ten plus years in jail. That’s the unfairness in the world. Racism is killer, even more than prostate, colon, and breast cancer ("AMA Journal of Ethics."). The system want African-Americans to fail which is wrong with this country and it need to

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