10024 Zipcode Essay

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Beatriz Serrano
CE-351 Urban Transportation Planning
Professor Lennon Lawrence
Fall 2015

Table of contents

Section 1- Executive summary3
Section 2 – Historical context4
Section 3 – Urban planning and land use6
Section 4 – Socioeconomic characteristics9
List of figures12
List of Tables13
Base Map15

Section 1 – Executive Summary Only in final submittal

Section 2 – Historical context
1024 zip code area is bounded on the South by 76th street, Central Park the East, the Hudson River on the West, and by 91st street on the North. From West to East, the
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The neighborhood is characterized by tall apartment blocks on West End Avenue, and townhouses on the streets between Amsterdam Avenue and Riverside Drive. The arrival of the subway, or the elevator made it possible to construct large apartment buildings for the middle classes, and the style of these buildings has remained largely unchanged into the twenty-first century. Before that, the area also changed from the 1930s to the 1950s. In 1932, the IND Eighth Avenue Line opened under Central Park West, and in 1940, the elevated IRT Ninth Avenue Line over Columbus Avenue closed. This caused that immigrants from Eastern Europe and the Caribbean moved in during the '50s and the '60s to this area.
Figure 2: subways line in the area As of today, two subway lines serve the 10024 zip code area. The IRT Broadway – Seventh Avenue Line (1 2 3 trains) runs along Broadway. The IND Eighth Avenue Line (A B CD trains) runs along Central Park West. There are five different bus routes — M5, M7, M10, M11, M104 buses, that go up and down the Upper West Side, and the M57 goes up West End Avenue for 15 blocks in the neighborhood. Additionally, crosstown routes include the M66, M72, M79, M86, M96, M106. The M20 terminates at Lincoln Center.
Figure 3: Natural History Museum
One of the most important elements that are covered in this zip code area is the American Museum of Natural History. Located between 77th street and 81th

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