10 Secrets Of Speaking English

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What does it take to speak English successfully? There are some qualities like dedication and maintaining a positive attitude that will help you learn about anything, but when you are learning a language there are some specific tips that can help you reach your goals. Here are our ten secrets to help you meet your goals related to English.

1. Remove it and then re-assemble it

In order to speak English successfully, you need to be able to do several things at the same time: knowing (and choosing) the right vocabulary, using grammar and sentence structures well and being able to say sounds, accents, rhythm and intonations well. Work with these elements separately and then practice putting them together
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Check if the other person is understanding you using conversation strategies such as re-tagging, rephrasing, or using expressions such as "Yes you understand me, do not you?" Or "What do you think?" Give the other person the opportunity to talk and use their answers to help you think what you are going to say next.

3. Use your body to speak English

Non-verbal communication is very important to speak English effectively, even for those who speak English as their mother tongue. Use gestures, body language, and facial expressions to explain or re-mark something, and try to read what the other person's body language is trying to tell you. Also think about your posture. The way you stand or sit can be the difference between being bored or interested in what the person is telling you.

4. Sing a song!

Music is a great way to improve your skills, practice the rhythm of the language and learn some very useful expressions. Find the lyrics of your favorite songs on the internet and then practice singing them. If you feel sorry, sing when there is no one else in your house. If you are a more outgoing person, get together with friends and do a karaoke in
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At home, you can speak English with you by doing normal everyday things like cooking. If you're on the subway or a bus, then describe the people around you (in your mind, not out loud!), And when you go to sleep, tell your day in English.

7. Write about speaking English

Even if you do not like to hear your own voice, this is a very useful way of seeing where you are failing when you speak English. Shout talking and then listen to how you hear, or ask a native if he can help you. Also look for positive things. Write down all the things you do well when you speak English. If you ever lack motivation, look at that list of things you do well to feel better and encourage you to continue learning and speaking English.

8. Keep a journal in English

Record your thoughts in English before going to sleep each night. You can listen to the recording at the end of the year to remember past events and also to become aware of your progress. If you can not keep a journal, write it down then. Take notes of the conversations you had in English and write down the things you did well and the things you could do better. Use this to see your progress during the year and set new

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