1. Why Do The Zapatistas Wear Ski Masks?

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1. Why do the Zapatistas wear ski masks?
The main reason is for no one to try to become the leader. The Zapatistas wear ski masks in order to prevent this from happening. They want to be anonymous. They are also trying to avoid corruption.

2. Who lead the Zapatista Movement?
Subcomandate Marcos

3. What does EZLN stand for? Ejercito Zapatista de Liberación Nacional “Zapata Army of National Liberation"

4. Who has control of the poor people of Guatemala?
Catholic Church and the military has control of the poor people in Guatemala. 5. Name the three methods that people survive poverty in Guatemala.
The 3 methods are surviving property in Guatemala are: 1. Increase in trade between communities. They gather fruits or beans in their
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Non-traditional migrations to Guatemala City and to the United States.
3. Joining the military. Listing includes income to the family of the soldier. Housing, clothing and food to the soldier for 30 months.

6. Who is Rigoberta Menchu?
Rigoberta Menchu is an indigenous women from Guatemala. She was born in Chimel. She believed that it was a problem for government to try to control the people. She was against cheap labor supply.

7. Who are the CUC? What were their motives?
The CUC is the Peasant Unity committee created in 1978. They were the first national organization formed by peasants and indigenous people in Guatemale. Their motive was to end injustice and build a better society. They wanted exploitation and discrimination to end. They are especially dedicated to the rights of land, water and food for the peasant communities in Guatemala.

8. What is “white gold”? In what countries is it cultivated?
White gold is sugar.
9. What led to the sugar boom in Cuba? – Explain the events that led to this.
10. What are
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They wanted change. They demanded that there be free and democratic elections. The Zapatistas were a group who supported improving rights and living conditions for Mexico’s indigenous people. Even though their region, Chiapas, provided a lot of resources globally very little was provided to the indigenous people. Zapatistas believe that their healthcare, housing, education, and jobs needed improvement. The agenda of the Zapatista Revolution was to fight into they were able to incorporate change. ….. The Zapatistas name themselves after Emiliano Zapata. Emiliano was a Mexican symbol that was known because of him overcome the government. … This could have been avoided by the government if only the government would have listened to the indigenous people in the first place. They were treated extremely unfairly when it was their region, Chiapas, that had a lot of resources. The plan del

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