1. Case Study - Women on the Right Track at Cp Rail Essay

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1. Case study - Women on the Right Track at CP Rail

Women comprise nearly half of Canada's workforce, but over the last two decades, they have made no progress in obtaining senior management roles. This lack of success may deter younger women from entering certain professions and from learning from role models. Furthermore, research shows that a lack of diversity can affect retention, productivity, and innovation. Companies with more female senior managers have a higher return on equity than those with lower rates of female senior managers. With this research in mind, CP Rail undertook three initiatives to increase the number of women managers: * Each department must have diversity goals. * Mentoring programs for females have
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The features of the program include :
• A new hire portal, which directs the new employee to content relevant to the position
• An e-learning module, Capital Power 101: The Basics, which outlines the organization’s design, vision, values, leadership team, major policies, and how the company makes money, as well as the growth strategy
• An e-learning module, Capital Power 102: Powering Up and Plugging In, provides the template for a 100-day developmental plan that the new hire must create with the manager
• A day-and-a-half classroom session with other new hires, which includes a personality inventory (to increase self-insight);a presentation by an executive about the mission, vision, and values; and a plant tour

An assessment of the Strong Start program revealed that over 90 percent felt that the program leads to the engagement of employees, aligns employees with the culture of the company, and enables new hires to be more successful. A majority also felt that it will assist in reducing turnover. There has been a 30 percent increase in organizational knowledge among participants.According to a study by Alan Saks (University of Toronto) and Jamie Gruman (University of Guelph), structured onboarding tactics result in more engaged employees who believe that they fit both the job and the organization.
Onboarding programs, unlike

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