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Moral code
The symbolic system in which behavior takes on the quality of being good or bad.
Deviant Behavior
Behavior that fails to conform to the rules or the norms of group in question.
Internal means of control
It operates on the individual even in the absence of reactions of others.
External means of control
Responses to other peoples behavior that is with rewards are punishments.
Positive sanctions
Actions that persuade the individual to act a certain way.
Negative sanctions
Actions that discourage individuals from repeating or continuing to act a certain way.
Formal sanctions
awarding of a prize or expulsion usually under direct or indirect control.
Informal positive sanctions
displays people use to express their approval of one's behavior.
Informal negative sanctions
spontaneous displays of disapproval or displeasure.
formal positive sanctions
public affairs, rituals, or ceremonies that express social approval of a persons behavior.
formal negative sanctions
actions that express institutionalized disapproval of a persons behavior.