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is the life long process of social interaction through which individuals acquire a slef identity and the physical, mental and social skills needed for survival in society
2 reasons socialization is imporntant
1) essential for the individuals survial and human development
2) essential for he survial and stability of socility
is what we inheairet
is what we learn
Parents are
your primary socialising agent
with the right social enviroment what can be created with a child
Feral Children
have to resocilize them to be a part of society
Process of socilization
1) learning how to think

2) learning how to be moral

3) learning to feel

4) learning how to be normal

5) learning how to be masculine
or femenine
4 Stages of socilization
1) sensorimotor Stage
2)prepoerational stage
3)Concrete operational stage
4)formal operatinal stage
Sensorimotor Stage
Birth- 1
reality is what they see
Prepoerational Stage
using words recognizing symbols,
Concrete operational Stage
Think in terms of tagiable objexts and actual events
Formal operational stage
are able to enguage in highly abstract thought and understanding places, things and events they have never seen.
Learning how to think
cognitive development
Learning how to be normal
your value system
Learning how to feel
.....1)learn how to Identify feelings
.....2)learn how to manage feelings
a configuration of feelings emonitions behavor that characterize a individual
Personility consisty of 3 parts
which are
Id-pleasure principle/seeking pleasure

super ego-or conscience, consists of the moral and ethical aspects of personility.

ego-is the rational, reality-oriented component of personality that imposes restriction on the innate pleasure-seeking drives of the id.
Learning how to be Masculine and femine
teaching gender identy, teaching girls and boys what is appropreate to their gender roles.
Self Concept
the totality of our beliefs and feelings about our selves
Cooley's looking glass theory
the way in which a person since of self is derived from the perception of others
(your view yourself based on the way others see you)
Agents of Socialzation
1) family-parents being primary socilizating agents
2) schools
3) peers
5 Life courses
1) childhood
2) adotlesent
3) adult hood
4) late adulthood/oldage
5) death
Adult Socolization
4 steps
1) developmental socilitation
2) anticipatory
3) re-socilization
4) involuntary re-socilization
Developmental Socilitation
when a person is learning to be more complete in the current role
when a person is becoming more complete for the role they will usser in the future
when a person abonden an old self and develops a new self in its place
involuntary re-socialzation
prision system...a place where people are isolated from the rest of society for a set period of time and ocme under the control of the officals who run the institution