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Middle income Countries
refered as a developing country industrializind, economics particulary in urban areas, moderate levels of national and personal income
Low income countries
refered to a underdeveloped country
nations with little industrialization and low levels of national and personal income
The process by which societies are transformed from dependance on agriculture and handmade production to an emphasis on manufacturing and relates industries
High income countries
Sometimes refered as industrial countries
nations with highly idustrialized economies, techmologicaly advanced industrial, adminstrative and service occupantion and relatively high of national and personal income
The process by which an incressing proportion of an population lives in cities rather than rural areas
Micro Level Analysis
Socialogical theory and reasearch that focuses on small groups rather then on large scale social structures
Macro Level Analysis
an approach that examinies whole societies, large-scale social structures and socal systems
African American Socilogist
W.E.B. DeBois
Charles S Johnson
E. Franklyn Fraer
Social Conflict
see socity as an area of inequilaty that generats conflict and change
Chicago School is now called
University of Chicago
Cultural Lag
a gap between the techinical development of a society and its moral land leaga institution
Culture Shock
inability to adapt to antoher culture
Folk Ways
Every Day customs of a people
W.E.B. DeBois
Founded what and was considered what
he was the Socilogist of the modern times
founded NAACP
1st woman to win a Noble Peace Prize
Jane Addams
first Female Socology
Harriet Martineaux
Quote by Karl Mark on Religion
"Religion is the opiumet of the people"
Quote from Karal Mark's Book on
Communist manifesto
"as long as there is a division of labor, the workers aginest the owners of production, you will always have class conflict"
viewing socity formteh often times very wise propestive of women
She is..1) social Activest, Focus on woment's rights,agressive, liberal and usually democratic
1st 2 female socilogists
Harriet martineau
Jane Adams- first to win the noble peace prize
Father of Socilogoly
Agustus Comte
Henri St. Simon
E Pluribus Unum
latin for
our of many one
Social Conflect
the conflect theory sees socity as an arena of inequality that generates conflects and change
Karl Marx
is responsiblae for
the conflict theory
Popular Cluture
consists of activitys products and sevices that are assumed to appeal primarily to members of the middle working class
High Cluture
cultural pattens that set apart a socity elect
example ballet, opera ect
Carter culture
is a group that strongly rejects dominant societal values and norms and seeks alternative lifestyles
Devent Sub cultures
a group that strongly rejects dominant social values and norms and seeks alternative lifestyles which are crimanal and illegal
Cultural diversity
wide range of cultural differances
formal norms that are backed up by legislatures and enforced
Socity is always
We live in a partenical socity
male donominted socity
1st socoligy dept developed during the 19th centruy in the U.S. an taught at Chicago School
University of Chicago
Dept of 2nd socilogy was
Alanta university by WDB DeBois
Karl Marx wrote what famous book
the communist manfesto
Value's and Norms Change over
Sub culture
a culture within a more donmante culture
any thing that meaningfully represents somethin else
what 3 socilogist gave instie to African American after reconstruction
Cultural Antropalogy
1st developed in Europe
in the 18th Centry
Cultural Universal
customs and practices that occuar across all cultures
rewards for good behavor
pentilies for bad behavor
3 things that bring about actual change
2) discorvery
3) diffusion-the spread of things
Steps in the reasearch paper
1)select a problem
2)review the liture
3)formulate a hypothesis
4)develope a reasearch design
5) collect data
6)analize my data
7)draw conclusion
a set of logically interrelated statments that attempt to describe, explain and predict a social event
Conflict Prespectives
the sociological appriach that views groups n society as emgaged in continous power strugle for dontol of science and resources
Laten functions
unintended functions there are hidden and remains unacknowledged by participants
manifest Functions
fu ctions that are intended and are overtly recognized by the participants in a social unit
a term discribing Auguste comte's beliefe that the would can be understood through scientific unity
Socilolgical imagination
C. Wright Mills term for the ability to see the relationhip between individuals experances and the larget socity
a large social group that shares the same geographical territory and is subject to the same political authority and dommant cultural expertations
Post Modern Prespectives
the socilogical appriach that attepmts to explain social life in modern societys that are charactaized by ost industrialization, consumerism and gobal communication
Social Facts
term for patterned ways of acting, think and feeling that exist outside any one indizidural but hat exert social contol over each person
condition in which social control becomes ineffective as a result of the loss of values and of a sense of purpose in socity
Functionalist Prespectives
the socilogical appriach that views society as a stable, orderly system
Social Darwinism
belief that those species of animals including huamn beings, best adapted to there enviroment survive and prosper where those poorly adapted die out
Sturctural Functionalism
The main focis is Social order
Symbalic Interactionism
sees socity as a product of our everyday social interaction
sees socity as a system driven by consumerism how we are driven by things.
Classical Theorist
Karl Marx
Herbert Spencer
Emile Durkheim
Max Weber
Contempary Socologist of the 20th century
Talcott parsons
Wright Mills
Robert E williams
Andrew Billingsley
Structural Functionalism
sees socity as a complex system of inter related parts that work together to promote solidarty and stability
Social Institution
Parts that govern us as a socity
wk & enominics
politics & gov.
helath & medican
Compontins of culture
Guide for reasearch
Symbolic interactionist prespectives
the socilogical appoarch that views sociey as the sum of the interaaction of individuals and groups
are sociligals ideas about what is right and what is wrong what is good and what is bad
are you socitial rules

folkways, norms, sactions, laws
2 types of cultures
Culture is
a blue print for living
Post Modernism
sees socity as a system driven by consumers
Symbalic interactionsum
it sees socity as a product of one's everyday social interaction
Contemponary theoretical prespectivy or
the theory of socilogy provided is a paradigm to which to study human socity
Theories name 5
Social conflect
structural functionalism
symbalic interactionism
post modernism
7 social sciences
political science
social work
cultural anthopology