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UCLA Ph.D. responsible for the material in the video.
O. Ivar Lovaas
severe disorder involving isolation and self-stimulation
a self-stimulatory behavior
body rocking
repeating what the other people say
influenced behavioral treatment approach for autistic children (who)
B.F. Skinner
a consequence or event which strengthens behavior
a brief increase in bad (tantrum) behavior when it is being ignored
extinction burst
an experimental design involving treatment, no treatment, treatment
A-B-A reversal
When does autism usually start?
at birth or within 30 months of life
Deficits in autistic children include language, emotional attachment, attention, toy play ________ play, self-help skills. Excesses include self_______ and tanturms/aggression.
Deficits in autistic children include language, emotional attachment, attention, toy play PIER play, self-help skills. Excesses include self-STIMULATION and tanturms/aggression.
What are the causes of autism?
The causes are biological in origin but actual causes remain unknown.
Behavior that is not followed by a reinforcer will do what?
will decress or not reoccur (extinquish)
Name the three changes in treatment strategey that were implemented in the 1970-1984 Young Autism Project.
1. given to younger children because they learn better (under 4 years of age)
2. Treatment is at home
3. More intense and last longer
How many hours of treatment per week were received by the children in the experimental group?________
In the control group?________
experimental group 40
control group 10
The range of outcomes after treatment ranged from very limited improvement to language delayed to ________ functioning.
Ian started the program at age 3 1/2 with an IQ of what?_______ How did it turn out for Ian 5 years after treatment?
Ian started the program at age 3 1/2 with an IQ of 65. 5 years after the treatment his IQ rose more than 40 points and was indistinguishable from his friends. They appeared to be the same
How many children in the experimental group reached normal functioning? ____
In the control group?_____
9 or 47%
in the control group 0%
What percentage of autisic children are mute?
What percent of autistic people need lifetime custodial care?
Lisa's tantums were ignored to decrease or ___________ them
What did Lovaas mean when he said "good looking" to Lisa?
making eye contact
Is Autism more common among boys or girls?
4 times more common in boys