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equal rights
the rights of every person to equal protection under the laws and equal access to society's opportunities and public facilities.
equal protection clause
a clause of the 14th amendment that forbids any state to deny equal protection of the laws to any individual within its jurisdiction
reasonable basis test
the judiciary allows such inequalities because thay are held to be "reasonably" related to legitimate government interest.
strict-scrutiny test
a law is unconstitutional if there is no overwhelmingly convincing argument that it is necessary
suspect classifications
the legal classifications based on race and ethnicity are assumed to have discrimination as their purpose and are presumed unconstitutional
intermediate scrutiny test
a test applied by courts to laws that attempt a gender classification. In effect, the test eliminates gender as a legal classification unless it serves an important objective as is substantially related to the objectives achievement
civil rights act of 1964
entitles all persons to equal access to restaurants, bars, theaters, hotels, gasoline, and similar establishments serving the general public. the legislature also bars discrimination in the hiring, promotion, and wages of medium size and large firms.
de facto discrimination
discrimination that is a consequence of social, economic, and cultural biases and conditions
de jure discrimination
discrimination based on law
IE segregation of schools in the south
equality of result
the aim of policies intended to reduce or eliminate de facto discriminatory effects
affirmative action
a deliberate effort to provide full and equal opportunities in employment, education, and other areas for members of traditionally disadvantaged groups
gender gap
women and men differ in their opinions and their votes.