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press or news media
news organizations, journalists, print media, newspapers, magazines, and broadcast media
partisan press
newspapers and other communication media that openly support a political party and whose news in significant part follows the party line
objective journalism
a model of news reporting that is based on the communication of facts rather than opinions and that is fair in that it presents all sides of partisan debate
interpretive reporting
a style of reporting in which the journalist's job is to analyze and explain developments rather than merely report them
descriptive reporting
a straightforward description of events
agenda setting
the media's ability to influence what is on people's minds
common-carrier role
it provides political leaders what a channel through which they can communicate with the public
watchdog role
the press stands ready to expose any official who violates accepted legal, ethical, or performance standards
public-represenative role
a spokesperson for and advocate of the public
signaler role
journalists seek to alert the public to important developments as soon as possible after they happen
the new's medias version of reality, usually with an emphasis on timely, dramatic, and compelling events and developments