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political party
a ongoing coalition of interests joined together in an effort to get its candidates for public office elected under a common label
party-centered politics
the republican and democratic parties compete across the country election after election
candidate cetered politics
individual candidates devise their own strategies, choose their own issues, and form their own campaign organizations
party competition
narrows the options to two and in the process enables people with different backgrounds and opinions to unite behind a single alternative
grassroots party
creating a party and building it up from the bottom to the top
party realignment
periods of great political change
1. the distribution of the existing political order because of the emergence of one more more unusually powerful and divisive issues
2. an election contest in which the voters shift their support strongly in favor of one party
3. a major change in policy that occurs through the action of the stronger party
4. an enduring change in the party coalitions that works the lasting advantage of the dominant party
split ticket
the pattern of voting in which the individual voter in a given election casts a ballot for one or more candidates of each major political party
two-party system
the traditional political parties in the U.S.
federalists v. jeffersonian republicans, whigs v. democrats, and republicans, v. democrats
multiparty system
three or more parties have the ability to gain control of government, either separately or in coalition
single-member districts
each constituency elects a single candidate to a particular office, such as a senator, and only that party that gets the most votes is a district wins the office (discourages minor parties)
proportional representation
seats in the legislature are allocated according to a party's share of the popular vote
party coalition
the groups and interests that support a party a party are referred to collectively
party organizations
the main purpose of these organizations is the contesting of elections
the selection of the individual who will run as the party's candidate in the general election
Closed Primary
prticipation is limited to voters registered or declared at polls as members of the party whose primary is being held
Open primary
allows independents and voters of either party to vote in a party's primary, however voters cannot participate in both parties primaries
blanket primary
a single ballot is provided listing both the republican and democrat candidates by office . each voter can cast only one vote per office but can select from either party
service relationship
national committees have a relationship where they help any candidate that has any chance of winning.
hard money
money that can go directly to a candidate and can be spent how they see fit
soft money
a party can not hand money directly to a candidate, however the party can use the contributions to support party activities
money chase
candidates are foced to raise certain amounts of money to support them and their decisions
hired guns
key operatives in today's campaigns are campaign consultants, pollsters, media producers, fund-raisers, and get the vote out specialists.
the voters want a represenative who is honest, able, straightforward, resolute, and responsive to their interests, but there are no limits to the claims a candidate can reasonably make
air wars
television ads used to get at the other party and support your own party