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Political Culture
The characteristic and deep seated beliefs of a paticular people about government and politics
the principle that individuals should be free to act and think as they choose, provided they do not infringe unreasonably on the freedom and well-being of others
The notion that all individuals are equal in their moral worth and are entitled to equal treatment under the law
the belief that the people are the ultimate source of governing authority and must have a vioce in how they are governed.
America's core political ideals
1. Liberty
2. Equality
3. Self- government
A commitment to personal initiative, self-sufficiency, and materical accumulation
the principle that americans are one people and form an indivisble union
individual and group differences should be respected and these differences themselves should be a source of strength

Equality has always been an America birthright
FALSE: it has NEVER been a birthright
the process through with society settles its conflicts
social contract
ordinary people surrender the freedom they would have in a state of nature in return for the protection that a sovereign ruler can provide
a form of government in which the people govern, wither directly or through elected represenatives
control rests in a small group, such as top ranking military officers or a few wealthy families
control rests with a single individual suh as a king or a dictator
refer specifically to the Lockean idea that there are limits to the rightful power over government over citizens
assigns government a large role in the ownership of the means of production, in regulating economic decisions, and in providing economic security of the individual
the government owns most or all major industries and also takes responsibility for overall management of the economy, including production quotas, supply points, and pricing
government should interfere with the economy as little as possible
refers to the ability of persons or institutions to control public policy
public policy
a decision by government to follow a course of action designed to produce a particular outcome
totalitarian governments
assert complete dominance over individuals and the institutions of society
authoritarian governments
a form of government in which the leaders, though they admit to no limits on their powers, are effectively limited by other centers of power in the society
when government officials excercise power
the notion that the majority prevails not only in the counting of votes but also in determination of public policy
focuses on group activity and holds that many policies effectively are decided through power wielded by diverse intersts
the power in america is held by a small number of well positioned highly influential individuals
Bureaucratic rule
power resides in the hands of career government bureaucrats
political system
the various components of American government. the parts are separate, but they connect with each other, affecting how each performs