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When does motion occur?
When an object changes position
What do you need to know if motion has taken place?
A reference point
What is relative motion?
When you're not moving relative to your desk , but you are moving relative to other planets.
What is distance?
How far an object moves.
What is displacement?
The distance and direction of an objects change in position from the starting point.
What is speed?
The distance an object travels per unit of time.
What is the difference between distance and displacement?
Distance is how far an object has moved. Displacement is how far an object has moved and what direction it has moved from a starting point.
What is rate?
Any change over time
How do you calculate speed?
Speed = __________

What is average speed?
Total distance traveled divided by the total time traveled.
What is instantaneous speed?
Speed at a given point in time.
If an object is moving at a constant speed, does the instantaneous speed change?
What is an exmple of instantaneous speed?
Speed shown on a speedometer
What does a distance time graph show?
The motion of an object over a period of time.
On a distance time graph what does the slope of the line representing the objects motion represent?
The speed. The faster the speed the greater the slope.
On a distance-time graph where can you find the velocity?
The slope
What is velocity?
the speed of an object and the direction of its motion.
What's the difference between speed and velocity?
Speed describes only how fast something is going. Velocity describes how fast and the direction of its motion.
What is acceleration?
The rate of change of velocity
When does acceleration take place?
When an object changes its speed, its direction, or both.
What is positive acceleration?
1) When the speed increases
2) When the acceleration is in the same direction as the velocity
What is negative acceleration?
1) When the speed slows down.
2) When the acceleration is in the opposite direction of the velocity.
What is the formula for Acceleration?
change in velocity
Acceleration =__________________

What is force?
A push or pull that one body exerts on another
What is net force?
The combined forces when two or more forces act on an object at the same time.
What is balanced forces?
Forces on an object that are equal in size and opposite in direction.
What is inertia?
The tendency of an object to resist any chang in motion.
What is the inertia of an object related to?
Its mass . the greater the mass the greater the inertia.
What are Newton's laws of motion?
rules that dscribe the effects of forces on the motion of objects.
What is Newton's first law of motion?
An object at rest stays at rest unless acted upon by a net force.
What is another name for Newton's first law of motion?
Law of Inertia
What is an unbalanced force?
Forces resulting in a net force that changes the motion of a body.