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Static electricity
the accumulation of excess electric charges on an object
The law of conservation of charge
charge can be transferred from object to object, but it cannot be created or destroyed
a material that does not allow electrons to move through it easily
a material that electrons can move through easily
Charging by induction
the rearrangement of electrons on a neutral object caused by a nearby charged object
a closed conducting path
Eletric current
the flow of charges through a wire or any conductor
Ohm's Law
the current in a circuit equals the voltage difference divided by the resistance
the tendency for a material to resist the flow of electrons, changing electric into thermal energy and light
Series circuit
the current has only one loop to flow through
Open circuit
when any part of a circuit disconnected, no current flows the circuit
Parallel circuit
contains two or more branches for current to move through
Eletrical power
the rate at which electrical energy is converted to another form of energy
Kilowatt hour
1,000 watts used for 1 hour