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only absorbs and reflects light; no light passes through it
a material that allows some light to pass through, but you cannot see clearly through them
a material that transmits almost all the light that strikes them; you can see clearly through them
Index of refraction
a property of the material that indicates how much it reduces the speed of light
an image of a distant object produced by the refraction of light through air layers of different densities
a colored material that absorbs some colors and reflects other colors
Incandescent light
the light produced by heating until it grows
Flourescent light
uses phosphors to convert ultraviolet radiation to visible light
Coherent light
light of only one wave length that travels with its crest and troughs aligned
Incoherent light
can contain more than one wavelength, and its electromagnetic waves are not aligned
Polarized light
a light that the waves vibrate in only one direction
a technique that produces a hologram a complete photographic image of a three-dimensional object
Total internal reflection
occurs when light traveling from one medium to another is completely reflected at the boundary between the two materials