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Plane mirror
a flat, smooth mirror
Virtual mirror
an image that your brain perceives even though no light rays actually pass through it
Concave mirror
a mirror that’s surface is curved inward
OPtical axis
an imaginary straight line drawn perpendicular to the surface of the mirror at the center
Focal point
a point on the optical axis that every light ray parallel to the optical axis is reflected through
Focal length
the distance from the center of the mirror to the focal point
Real image
formed when the light rays converge to form the image
Convex mirror
a mirror that curves outward
Convex lens
a lens that is thicker in the middle than at the edges
Concave lens
a lens that is thinner in middle and thicker at the edges
transparent covering on your eyeball
inner lining of your eye
Refracting telescope
a common telescope that uses two convex lenses to gather and focus light from a distant objects
Reflecting telescope
a telescope that uses a concave mirror, plane mirror, and a convex lens to focus light from distant objects
uses two convex lenses