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A clinical condition that causes hypoxemia refractory to 100% oxygen is
right to left cardiac shunt
A tension pneumothorax occurs when
Air enters the pleural space with each inspiration but cannot escape with expiration, thereby accumulaition with increasing pressure to displace the mediastinal structures
Features of neonatal hyaline membrane disease include
strong association with prematurity
In general pulmonary surfactant is considered to
diminish the likelihood of alveolar collapse
Complications of pulmonary edema include
Bronchipneumonia, hypoxemia
The most common cause of acute cor pulmonale is
pulmonary emboli
Pulmonary embolism is most likely to result in pulmonary infarction if the patient also has
congestive heart failure
Lobar pneumonia in contrast to bronchophneumonia is characterized by
lower mortality rate, spreading of bacteria in edema fluid from aalveolus to alveolus, streptococcus pneumonia as the etiologic agent in 95% of cases
The most preeminent previous infection before bronchopneumonia is
pulmonary edema
Predominantly interstitial inflammation occurs with
viral pneumonia
Tubercle bacillus would most likely cause
granulomatous inflammation
The major mechanical pulmonary function abnormalities in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is the inability to expel air from their lungs efficiently, the etiologies of theis abnormality include
collapse of small airways on expiration, mucous plugging of airways
Hyperplasia of bronchial mucous glands is seen in
Chronic bronchitis
Exhalation is normally a passive respiratory function requiring no work. It becomes active in
Centrilobular emphysema most prominently involves
upper lobes
Asthma may be
extensic or intrinsic
Bronchial asthma may include
Evidence of hyperinflation on X ray, history of sudden dyspnea and wheezing, presence of thick mucus plucs in bronchi, smooth muscle hyperplasia of bronchi
Which diesease ususally results in increased mucus production by the tracheobronchial tree
Inflammation and nevrosis of bronchi resulting in abnormal dialation is called
The most frequently identified neoplasm in lung is
metastatic carcinoma
Primary carcinomas of the respiratory tract arise least often in the
The most important factor in the pathogenesis of lung cancer is
cigarette smoking
Lung abscesses are associated with
Aspiration of foreign material, septic emboli
Bronchial asthma is not associated with
elevated serum levels of IGe
In which type of emphysema is the respiratory bronchiole the anatomic location primarily affected
centrilobular emphysema
Atelectasis refers to
incomplete expansion or collapse of lung
The least likely condition to occur below a pulmonary obstruction is
What would be considered an obstructive pulmonary disease?
Chronic bronchitis, emphysema
In bronchial asthma you would find
bronchial mucous plugging
A coin lesion on a routine chest Xray could be from
Carcinoma, granuloma,or tuberculosis
Viral infections of the lung are most likely to result in
interstitial lung disease
The most common cause of clinically significant fat embolism is
Fractures of long bones