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The nurse who is caring for a patient with pericarditis understands that there is inflammation involving the?
Thin fibrous sac encasing the heart
The coronary arteries arise for the?
Aorta near the origin of the left ventricle.
The pacemaker for the entire myocardium is the?
Sinoatrial node.
The intrinsic pace maker rate of ventricular myocardial cells is?
Fewer than 40 beats per min.
An example of a beta blocker that is administered to decrease automaticity is?
So that blood may flow from the right ventricle to the pulmonary artery which of the following conditions is not required?

a. the atriventricular valves must be closed.

b. the pulmonic valve must be open.

c. Right ventricular pressure muct be less than pulmonany arterial pressure.

d. right ventricular pressure must rise with systole.
Heart rate is stimulated by all of the following except:

a. excess thyroid hormone.

b. increased levels of circulating catecholamines.

c. they sympathetic nervous system.

d. The vagus nerve.