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doo wop
four part harmony
when a man sings higher than his normal range
Elvis Presley
Brought sex and defiance to rock and roll
FATS Domino
The only R&B star to become a rock star
Alan Freed
1) First D.J. to program R&B on a white station
2) Promoted integrated concerts
3)Coined the term "rock and roll"
Everly Brothers
C&W stars turned to rock
race music
by a black artist, for a black audience, played on a black station
A group started by Buddy Holly; the first self-contained group
call and response
when a lead singer sings a line, and the background singers echo him/her
cover version
a white artist cleaning up an R & B piece
Muddy Waters
Rythym and Blues grandfather of Rock
Hank Williams Sr.
Country and Western grandfather of rock.
Neil Sedaka
Pitted a counter melody w/a melody
Bill Haley
Recorded the first rock song
Buddy Holly
Influential vocalist w/a staccato, hiccup style
Beach Boys
Used falsetto; 3 topics in songs w/elaborate harmony
1) cars
2) girls
3) surfing
Chuck Berry
Rock's first serious guitar players
Jerry Lee Lewis
Played a style of piano called "boogie woogie" w/his feet, elbows, and fists
a repeated musical phrase