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What were some social issues important in the mid-late 1960s?
Kennedy's assassination
In what ways was music of the 1960s influential and important?
it reflected much of society's concerns and feelings, but it also reinforced attitudes and beliefs and helped modify value systems
What is Bob Dylan's real(birth) name?
Robert Zimmerman
Who was Bob Dylan's idol (hero)?
Woody Guthrie
Rather than being a great performer or singer, Dylan's primary talent is doing what?
the ability to write lyrics with artistic skill
Dylan appeared at which event (1963) that deemed him the "messiah of the folk movement?"
Newport Folk Festival
Why was Dylan's song, Subterranean Homesick Blues such a concern to folk fans?
it sounded like a rock song
Why was the 1965 Newport Folk Festivala turning point in the development of folk and rock?
it had developed into "folk rock"
Which two groups/artists are responsible for "inventing" Folk Rock music?
Bob Dylan and the Byrds
Bob Dylan is often accompanied by what two instruments?
acoustic guitar and harmonica
Released in 1966, what album was THE FIRST double album? (artist and album name)
Bob Dylan, "Blonde on Blonde"
Which first major hit by Bob Dylan broke the standard 2-minute song length norm?
"Like a Rolling Stone"
What happened to Dylan in the summer of 1966 that made him disappear from the music scene?
he had had a very serious motorcycle accidentq
What is Dylan's greatest significant contribution to the history of rock?
his lyrics
What famous Beatle did Bob Dylan's lyrics greatly influence?
John Lennon
Know the influence/source behind the song, Turn, Turn Turn by The Byrds.
the adapted words from the book of Ecclesiastes in the Bible and set them to music
What song by The Byrd was controversial and considered to be the to be the first drug song in rock?
Eight Miles High
What future musical style in the 1970s eventually grew out of the Folk Rock trend?
country rock
What was musically significant about the northern migration of the black culture in the early part of the 20th century?
the black culture brought the blues with them
Which DJ was an influential in champion of black R&B music to a white market in the 1950s?
Alan Freed
Who is credited as the first (late 1950s) to combine Rock and Gospel elements?
Ray Charles
What famous place launched the careers of many R&B, Rock, and Soul artists?
Apollo Theater
What were the two (2) important record companies that supported and stabilized Soul music?
Atlantic and Stax
What soul artist is sometimes called the "Father of Disco?" What song represents this?
Isaac Hayes
What are some of James Brown's nicknames?
Godfather of Soul and Soul Brother Number 1; Mr. Dynamite; Mr. Sex Machine
James Brown's dancing style became a model for which two (2) famous rock stars?
Mick Jagger and Michael Jackson
At the end of a James Brown show or performance, what usually happens?
he would launch into "Please, Please, Please" and sinking to his knees and appearing to collapse prostrate on the stage
Who founded Motown Records? What style of music did this person prefer?
Berry Gordy Jr.
In which city was Motown started?
Who was an important songwriter/performer who wrote major hits for Motown?
Smokey Robinson
Know at least two male AND three female groups associated with Motown.
women:Marvelettes;Martha and the Vandellas;Delphis. men:The four tops; Tempations
Which group was Motown's biggest act in the mid-1960s?
Diana Ross and the Supreme
What instrument helped launch Little Stevie Wonder's early career?
Following Kennedy, who succeeded as US President for majority of the 1960s? Why was this person a concern to the youth generation?
Lyndon B Johnson; the Vietnam War
What city was the cultural center for the Hippie Movement of the 1960s?
San Francisco
What area of this city was the exact epicenter of the "psychadelic flower power" world?
Haight-Ashbury neighborhood
What are some common characteristics of San Francisco bands?
Drugs, volume levels, instrumentation
Who was the lead singer of Jefferson Airplane? What important about her in Rock history?
Grace Slick; Became first female rock star
What is a "deadhead?"
loyal followers of the Grateful dead
Where was Janis Joplin born? What styles influenced her growing up?
Port Arthur, TX; blues, gospel and country
What was the name of Janis Joplin's first band?
Big Brother and the Holding Company
What was her last album? How did Janis Joplin die?
Pearl; heroin overdose
Who is the lead singer of The Doors? What was his death related to?
Jim Morrison; heart attack
How did Jimi Hendrix begin his musical career?
by playing backup guitar for various black artists
What was unique about Jimi Hendrix's stage performance? What was unique about his sound?
he played his guitar behind his back; caressed his guitar; used a fuzz box for distortion, a Uni-Vibe, and a wah-wah pedal
What caused Jimi Hendrix's death?
Inhalation of vomit resulting from barbituate intoxication