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The British Invasion: The Beatles
- was able to change music history through all facets: music style, social behavior, fashion
- can be broken into 3 distinctive periods: early, middle, late
Early Period
- pop style
- love songs
- driving beat/ up tempo
- 1st 4 albums: Please Please Me, WIth the Beatles, A Hard Day's Night, Beatles for Sale
Middle Period
- more acoustic/folk elements
- introspective style emerges
- individuality more evident
- social statements in songs
- next 2 albums: Help, Rubber Soul
Late Period
- use of studio techniques
- music much more individualized
- more artistic composition
- added instrumentation
- drug influence
- last 7 albums: Revolver, Sgt. Pepper, Magically Mystery Tour, Yellow Submarine, The Beatles, Let It Be, Abbey Road
Facts about Beatles
- many 1sts happened in studio
- George Martin has been referred to as "5th Beatle"
- Ringo Star is respected for his timekeeping
- Lennon/McCartney are not equal in writing their songs
- " " composed many songs that provided other performers w/ hits
- the "White Album" titled the Beatles is their least collaborative album they ever made
The Yardbirds
- known as the starting point for Clapton, Beck and Page
- early pioneers of psychedelic music
- known for ad hoc jams (called rave-ups)
- Page desires to push rock harder and reforms the New Yardbirds
- mix of R&B w/ extended guitar/ harmonica passages.
- Blues w/ a fierce drive to the music
John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers
- known as the elder statesmen of British Blues
The Animals
- second only to Rolling Stones in influence among R&B based bands
Them (Van Morrison)
- led by Van Morrison ranking THEM among the best of the British Invasion bands
- considered the most critically acclaimed pop music songwriter of the 1960's
- known as the precursors of heavy metal and punk rock
- kater jbiwb as "power chord" playing
- almost entirely attributed to one man...Barry Gordy
- R&B music that passed for black and white in sound
- perfect in gospel-pop fusion
- leading writing team of Motown
- trio refines and produces the Motown formula
The Formula
- repeated uses of catchy hook phrases
- repetition of melodic hooks resulted in familiarity to the mass public
- produced the "Sound of Young America"
Smokey Robinson and the Miracles
- known for Robinson's beautiful falsetto voice
- ballads became the Miracles forte
Four Tops
- music built around lead songer Levi Stubbs
The Temptations
- the finest vocal group in the 60's Soul music
- they were the closest to church and gospel roots
The Supremes
- one of the most important female groups in rock history
- the Supremes music is the purest expression of the Motown sound
The Marvellettes
- Motown's only real Girl group
Marvin Gaye
- beacme one of Motown's most enigmatic and consistent popular acts
The Funk Brothers
the studio musicians who shaped the Motown sound
- played on more #1 hits than the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Beach Boys and Elvis combined
- the Funk Bros. are documented in the movie "Standing in the Shadows of Motown" (2000)
Jackson 5
- fronted by 10 year old Michael - he danced like a miniture James Brown
- J5 transcended all barriers of race and age in their appeal
Rare Earth
- Motowns premier white rock and soul band
- was Motown's experimental assault on rock market
Stevie Wonder
- most successful artist in Motown's history
- 1st big hit was Fingertips - part 2 (age 12)
- this is the 1st live recording to hit #1 in rock history
- by 70's, Stevie was playing most of the instruments on hus albums
Solomon Burke
- brought a country influence to R&B
- Burke never celebrated a number one hit on the pop charts but enjoyed many hits in the R&B charts
Wilson Pickett
- was Atlantics best-selling southern soul performer
- In the Midnight Hour- one of the most successful songs of Soul era
Otis Redding
- skillful at delivering ballads w/ passion
- earned him the reputation as leading performer of soul ballads
James Brown
- paced the way for others such as O. Redding, W. Pickett, Sly and the Family Stone
- also known as the Godfather of Soul
- was known for his incredible stage show productions
Unique Sound of James Brown
- the groove referred to as "The One"
- highly syncopated rhythms using the choked chord guitar sound
- broken bass lines
Sly and the Family Stone
- hrought the music of James Brown together w/ the psychedelic music of the 70's
- is considered rock's first integrated group (black, white, female)
- broke down the walls in a positive way--not by protest
- in the 70's, Soul rose to a new level
- groove syncopated feel
- bass nreaks out of the usual role (slap bass)
- bass and drums work as a unit
Larry Graham
- innovator of the slap-bass style
- brought the bass guitar to the forefront of the rock group
Funkadelic and George Clinton
- mixtures of funk music w/ outrageous costumes and theatrical humor
- blended also w/ the psychedelic scene
- Parliament was more groove oriented (use of more synthesizer)
- Funkadelic is more jam oriented w/ a loose feel (use of more guitar)
- became the group that was used to measure all other bands
Earth, Wind and Fire
- blend of a more Afro-Cuban style
The San Francisco Scene
- large community of folk musicians--existentialists
- the Acid Test led by writer Ken Kesey became a "happening"
- estimated there were 500-1500 bands in the San Francisco scene
Psychedelic Music/ San Francisco Scene
- floating quality to the music (expands the mind)
- Easter Indian influence (sitar)
- considered to be the start of the Haight/Ashbury scene
- their contribution is more a social one
Moby Grape
- one of the best San Francisco bands of 60's
- the most versatile (folk, blues, country, classic R&R)
- early Airplane to lead Grape on guitar and compositions
Jefferson Airplane
- most popular out of San Francisco bands
- leaders of the protest movement and supporters of free love
- Grace Slick; entered a band a little later
- great female rock voice
Led Zeppelin-Observations
- considered to be the first band of heavy metal
- established the concept of album oriented rock
- example: Stairway to heaven was never a single
- later albums move to the interest of folk-derived material and Celtic mythology
Jimmy Page
- along w/ Hendrix, expanded the sonic vocabulary of the electric guitar
Bob Dylan
- most important American contributor to rock music
- first poet of the mass media
- two distinctive time periods; acoustic, electric
- a fusion of country, folk, blues, rock and roll and poetry both anctient and new
Pink Floyd
- experimental "space rock" band
- inclusion of "concrete music"
- creation of themes result in concepts on a massive scale
David Bowie
- British artist of theatre work
- cross-dressing resulted in "Ziggy Stardust"
- set the stage of GLam-Rock
Janis Joplin
- she is a representation of a culture and a generation (much like Dylan)
- she broke the barriers for women in the music industry
- overall, her performances were fresh and sincere
- she sang the blues to transcend pain
For What It's Worth
- one of the most representative sounds of the 1960's
- written by Stephen Stills during the aftermath of the infamous Sunset Strip riots of 1966-1967
- commonly labeled as a protest song
THe Byrds
- was the group that managed to synthsize Dylan and the Beatles
Mr. Tambourine Man
- declared to be the first folk-rock hit in history
Eight Miles High (66)
- herald as the first drug tune and led the music into the psychedelic period
Jimi Hendrix-overview/observations
- redefined the guitar and guitar performance
- was able to explore and master ALL the sonic force of the instrument
- had the gift and the ability to harness the distortions
- the sounds (distortions, feedback, wah-wah) was not for gimmick
Jimi Hendrix- early years
- discovered by Chas Chandler (ex Animal bandmember)
The Three Albums
- the first three albums are considered the best of his work
- 1. Are You Experienced, 2. Axis: Bold as Love, 3. Electric Ladyland
The Doors-observations and overview
- Morrison is looked at as one of the fathers of contemporary rock
- attempt to marry rock with poetry
- was an influence for rockers such as Alice Cooper or even Marilyn Manson
Art Rock-observations
- blending of classical music with rock
- references to mythology
- music makes use of odd meters and frequent mood/tempo changes
- large percentages of art rock bands were British
Art Rock vs. Progressive Rock
Art Rock-rock music influenced by classical music
Progressive Rock-rock music influenced more by jazz styles
Viewed by the "rock purist"
- attempt to legitimize rock music
- aimed to broaden the market of listeners of rock music
- punk music was a revolt of Art Rock music
Frank Zappa
- one of the most accomplished composers of the rock era
- his music combines an understanding of and appreciation of: 20th c. composers, doo-wop, social satire and wit, avant-garde jazz, collages of many styles
- never quite fit into the mainstream rock and roll of the late 60's and early 70's
- sowed the seeds of the punk revolution of the late 70's
led by John Sinclair (leader of the infamous White Panther Party)
Alice Cooper
- father of shock-rock
- influenced by comic book stories of RKO horror movie shows
Iggy Pop
- considered the godfather of Punk music
- carried on the stage drama of Jim Morrison and the Doors
- his early group was THe Stooges
Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground
- known as the key touchstone to punk and new wave
- combination of music and art
- use of sing-speak vocals and gripping narratives
Walk on the Wildside (Lou Reed)
- about transvestites and prostitutes in New York City
- was not banned by BBC or by many US radio stations because censors did not understand phrases
- was Reed's biggest hit
The Ramones
- most popular of punk bands (NY)
The British Connection
- brought to the UK by Malcolm McLaren
- Iggy Pop-the Godfather of Pop
Sex Pistols
- the anti-British group
- represented the young bored Brits
- rebelled against the staunch upper class