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Conflict between the French, English, and Indians in the 1690s.
King William's War
Plan created by Benjamin Franklin for a "general government of British North America." It was rejected by the colonies.
Albany Plan of Union
One of the series of conflicts between the British and the French, it began in 1702 and lasted until 1713.
Queen Anne's War
Battle in North Carolina between eastern interests and the Regulators; the Regulators were crushed.
Battle of Alamance
Guerilla group in present-day Vermont that fought against the claims of New Yorkers to land.
Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Boys
Communities of runaway slaves that usually fled inland in an effort to escape their masters.
Maroon Communities
Largest slave revolt of the colonial period; nearly one hundred South Carolina slaves killed several whites before being subdued the by the white militia.
The Stono Rebellion
Renewed conflict between the French and English in 1744.
King George's War
An intellectual movement that stressed the power of human reason to promote progress.
The Enlightenment
Influenced by the Enlightenment, this movement believed God's greatest gift to mankind was reason, and that God was a benevolent creator who offered salvation to all, not just a predestined elite.
Rational Christianity
Pastor of a Massachusetts church and a leader of the First Great Awakening; preached about God's grace and terrifying pictures of eternal damnation.
Jonathon Edwards
"Boy preacher" from England who increased the fervor of religious revival during his two-year tour of the colonies from 1739 through 1741.
George Whitefield
Fought between Britain/Prussia and France/Austria/Spain in battles around the world; British won, ending French claims to American empire.
Seven Year's War
English politician who dreamed of complete English sovereignty over North America.
William Pitt
Site of Washington's defeat by the French in 1754.
Fort Necessity