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dual blood supply of the liver
HEPATIC AA from celiac art. of abd. aorta

HEPATIC PORTAL VV from intestinal tract
_____ on inferior surface IS also known as porta hepatis
spaces between hepatocyte plates
hepatic lucunae
_______ are present on sides of hepatocyte facing lacunae
grooves from adjacent hepatocytes form ________
bile canaliculi
canaliculi empty into small ducts lined by simple cuboidal epithelium -
Canals of Herring.
Canals of Herring empty into larger ducts: _______ which eventually
empty into _____.
bile ducts
hepatic ducts
Located between the sinusoids and the
hepatocytes. Contains an extensive network of reticular fibers.
Perisinusoidal Space of Disse
______ AND _______ empty into sinusoids
Hepatic artery
portal vein
Apical portions of acinar cells contain highly refractile (acidophilic)_________ which contain enzymes and pro-enzymes.
zymogen granules
promotes secretion of fluid rich in sodium bicarbonates

serves to neutralize the acidic chyme (partially digested food) so that
the pancreatic enzymes can operate at an optimum pH.
promotes secretion of protein-rich fluid
cholecystokinin (pancreozymin)
stimulate intestinal mucosal cells to produce secretin and pancreozymin (CCK)
motor cells in myenteric plexus
Myenteric motor nerve cells also stimulate the crypt cells to secrete ______
and _______
Glycogen remobilized by the action of glucagon produced by the _____.
alpha cells