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give a general overview of what research is:

Systematic, planned investigation

Problem to be investigated

Predetermined outcome

Contribute to understanding the world
give a general overview of what EBP is:
Systematic search for best evidence

Use evidence for clinical decisions

Individual needs of patient
Bring about practice changes
how is research compared to EBP?

Exclusion/inclusion criteria less rigorous

Used to justify need for research
how is EBP compared to research?
Systematic review with strategy for inclusion and exclusion

Used as part of evidence, base clinical decisions
what does chochrane collaboration do?
Designates interventions as EBP focus

states that randomized clinical trials (RCT) as gold standard for evidence
what is the McMaster Medical School perspective
EBM – research & scientific data considered superior to authority opinion
why are RCTs at the pinnacle of most evidence?
because this design controls threats to internal validity
we "systematically review" RCTs. what does this mean?
we follow pre-established criteria that create stringent parameters for study evaluation
why is Multidisciplinary Evidence-Based Practice good?
because there are different views.
what is some non-research evidence that we use to guide clinical or management practice?
Benchmarking data

Cost effectiveness analysis


Retrospective or concurrent chart review

Quality improvement and risk data

International, national and local standards

Infection control

Patient preferences

Clinical experience
what are the 4 phases of the Center for Advance Nursing Practice Evidence-Based Practice Model?

Evidence supported

Evidence observed

Evidence based
what happens in the evidence triggered phase?
Identified as practice and knowledge. Clinical questions raised by clinicians & data sources from organization
what happens in the Evidence-supported Phase?
Existing evidence for best practice e.g. reported scientific research, outcome-based research, authoritative literature

Critique tool

Synthesis tool

Evidence summation
what happend in the Evidence-observed Phase?
Pilot study

Point prevalence study

Product evaluation fair

Cost/benefit analyses
what happens in the evidence based phase?
This is where you should have everything together. What will be the contribution of the change? You have to compare the before and after change in practice.

Best practice established

Cost/benefit analysis

Contribution to advances in

professional practice

Outcomes improvement