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what is a theory?
it is an abstract generalization that offers a systematic explanation about how a phenomena is interrelated.
what are concepts in a theory?
Concepts are the building blocks of a theory
what is a Grand theory?
a theory that describes and explains large segments of the human experience.
what is a Middle-range theory?
a theory with restricted scope. They attempt to explain a phenomena e.g. self-care
what do models deal with?
concepts that are assembled by virtue of their relevance to a common theme
what are Schematic models?
a visual representation of some aspect of reality
what is a framework?
the overall conceptual support of a study
what is a Theoretical framework?
the framework if a study is based on a theory
what is a conceptal framework?
the framework if a study is based on a specific conceptual model
talk about the relationship between theory and reasearch

do they help each other?

how are theories and models built?
Reciprocal and mutually beneficial

Theories and models are built inductively from observations, prior research
Concepts and relationships that are validated empirically through research become the foundation for theory development
give one example of a conceptual model in nursing (Clista Roy)
The Adaptation Model

It identifies adaptation of patients as a critical phenomenon. Humans are viewed as biopsychosocial adaptive systems who cope with environmental change through adaptation;

nursing helps to promote client adaptation through health and illness.
describe the "health promotion model":
It is a Middle-range theory developed by Nola Pender.

Health promotion entails activities directed toward developing resources that maintain or enhance a person’s well being.
Talk about "theories" and qualitative research
They are usually embedded in qualitative research tradition (ethnography, phenomenology).

Grounded theory methods – designed to facilitate generation of a theory that is grounded in actual observations (inductive process)

Systematic reviews on specific topic
Talk about "theories" and quantitative research
There is "testing" of a theory.

quantitative researchers deduce implications and develop research hypotheses (prediction of the way in which variables would be interrelated if theory was correct).
what is construct validity?
conceptual adequacy of instruments that measure abstract human traits
why is construct validity important?
You need to make sure you are using a tool that you are supposed to be using.

ex: "depression" scale has to be apropriate to depression.
when you are Developing a Framework in a Quantitative Study, which type of reasoning do you use?
inductive - from particular observations to broader generalizations

For example: I see lots of X, maybe we could do a study and see is this is happening elsewhere
what do you look at when you are Critiquing Frameworks in QUALITATIVE Research Reports?
You determine if the theory seems logical, conceptualization is insightful, evidence is solid and convincing
what do you look at when you are Critiquing Frameworks in QUANTITATIVE Research Reports?
look for the absence or presence of a framework, appropriateness of a framework and make sure the hypothesis flows from a theory.