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definition of interpersonal communication
process of exchanging signs of symboys that create meaning in a contest of few people.
what is a symbol
words like i am excited
content dimensions of communication
the content of the word, exactly what you are saying
"Hey roomie get me a beer"
relational dimensions of communication
how they define the relationship together. "hey roomie get me a beer"
how are relationships created through interpersonal communication
on going interdependent processes of interactions between two or more people. strong relationship vs. weak relationship
relationship stregnth through interaaction
the more you interact the stronger the relationship.
dark side of courting- jealousy
is a response to a precevied threat in the relationship. fear we cannot keep relationship at state we want it.
dark side of courting- deception
73% have lied to partner about meeting another person for lunch ect...
truth bias
prevents us from detecting deception. if we see they have lied can detect more frequent
what is a theory
theories are just ways to explain different phenomena/things. describe why things happen the way they do
social penetration theory
marked by 4 phases
onion theory
idea is as we go through different levels we get deeper into the relationship.
people try to persue a mutual definition to the relationship, we are lovers, friends, just hooking up
calling but hoping you get the voicemail. may stay at stage for a long time
communication negotiates an end to the relationship, lying occurs
10 stages to knapps staircase model of interaction
initiating, experimenting, intensifying, integrating, bonding, differentiating, circumscribing, stagnating, avoiding, terminating
the process where you are trying to discover the unknown of the relationship
is done with caution, waiting confirmation before disclosing
is when two individuals come so close together they seem to fuse as one, attitudes, belidfs, social circles
the ultimate phase, public ritual confessing love, marriage
process of disengaging and uncoupling
occurs when you start immiting conversations and keep to safe subjects
when the relatiohsnip is standing still, you are treaing water. only talk in public places
attempt to eliminate any proximity witht eh partner, pretending they don't exist
method for managing dialectical tensions
how people deal with these contradictions. selection, seperation, neutralization, reframing
selecting ones side, i am going to be completly open and tell you everyting about me
separation (cycle alteration)
cognitively seperate area into tho types of lives. during semester set schedule, during vacation open to anything
neutralization ( moderation)
doing small talk, being open but also being closed. you can ask me anything, but not about my last relationship
individual ability to transform the dialects so they no longer have tension. i want my space, and also to be with you.
advantages of dialect theory
improves upon undirectional of past theories, helps relaize that there is greater closeness