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A connective tissue with a liquid extracellular matrux called blood plasma?
Blood Tissue
Suspended in blood plama are formed elements called what?
1. erythrocytes (RBC's)
2.leukocytes (WBC's)
3.thrombocytes (platelets)
Flat sheets of pliable tissue that covers or lines a part of the body?
A mucous membrane (mucosa) lines a body cavity that DOES NOT open directly to the exterior? T/F
False- It DOES open directly to exterior
A serous membrane (serosa) lines a body cavity that DOES NOT open directly to the exterior? T/F
Serous membrane lining the lungs is called?
A. intercostal
B. pleura
B. pleura
What two layers make up the serous membrane?
1. parietal layer-layer attached to cavity wall.
2. visceral layer-layer that covers & attaches to organs inside the cavity.
The serous membrane lining the abdominal cavity & covering the abdominal organs is the peritoneum? T/F
The cutaneous membrane (skin) covers the surface of the body & consists of a superficial portion called the epidermis & a deeper portion called the dermis?
Lines the cavities of freely movable joints, and DOES NOT open to the exterior?
synovial fluid
Is secreted in the synovial membrane & lubricates & nourishes the cartilage covering the bones at movable joints?
Synovial fluid; contains macrophages that remove microbes & debris from the joint cavity.
The combination of an epithelial layer & an underlying connective tissue layer constitutes an?
epithelial membrane
Consists of elongated cells called muscle fibers that can use ATP to generate force?
muscle tissue
muscle tissue does all the following except?
A.maintains posture
B.provides protection
c.produces movement
D.maintains homeostasis
D. maintains homeostasis
Attached to bones & is striated & voluntary?
skeletal muscle
Forms most of the wall of the heart; is striated, but is involuntary?
cardiac muscle
Where would you find intercalated discs?
cardiac muscle tissue
What is the purpose of gap junctions in cardiac muscle tissue?
provides a route for quick conduction of muscle action potentials throughout the heart.
Is found in the walls of hollow internal structures (blood vessels), is nonstriated & involuntary?
smooth muscle tissue- (ex.gallbladder, urinary bladder)
Composed of neurons and neuroglia?
Nervous tissue
Neurons are sensitive to various stimuli? T/F
Neuroglia do not generate or conduct nerve impules, but have many supportive functions? T/F
During tissue repair new cells originate by cell division from the _______ , or the __________?
1. Stroma-the supporting connective tissue "honeycomb"
2. parenchyma- cells that constitue the functoing part of the tissue or organ. "honey"
formation of scar tissue
Which of the following does not affect tissue repair?
A. age
D.blood circulation
E. size
Autoimmune disease
disease in which antibodies produced by the immune system fail to distinguish what is foreign from what is self & attacks the body's own tissue.
common autoimmune disorder that causes inflammation & destruction of exocrine glands (tear glands) & salivary glands?
Sjogrens Syndrome
A chronic inflammatory disease of connective tissue;can cause tissue damage in every body system?
Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, SLE, Lupus
A distinguishing feature of lupus is a rash called what?
butterfly rash
Scar tissue can form ______?
Adhesions- abnormal joining of tissues
Epithelial tissue tends to be classified according to what two criteria?
Connective tissue fibers that are arranged in bundles & lend strength & flexibility to a tissue are called collagen fibers? T/F
Indicate whether it is:epithelial,muscle,nervous, or cardiac.
Indicate whether it is:epithelial,muscle,nervous, or cardiac.
Indicate whether it is:epithelial,muscle,nervous, or cardiac.
Indicate whether it is:epithelial,muscle,nervous, or cardiac.
Indicate whether it is:epithelial,muscle,nervous, or cardiac.
Found in the supreficial part of the skin;provides protection from heat, microbes, & chemical?
keratinized stratified squamous epithelial
Contains cube-shaped cells functioning in secretion & absorption?
simple cuboidal epithelium
Contains cells w/ microvilli & goblet cells; found in linings of the digestive, reproductive, & urinary tracts?
nonciliated simple columnar epithelium
A fairly rare type of epithelium that has a mainly protective function?
statified cuboidal epithelium