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List the four main sources of pollutants.
a. agricultural
b. transportation
c. industrial
d. municipal
What are 2 primary effects of pollution?
a. Physical changes
b. biological changes
What is the primary pollution concern of the Navy?
Pollution produced by shipboard wastes.
To help reduce air pollution, what steps has the Navy taken to improve their power plants ashore and afloat?
Conversion of power plants ashore and afloat to use more efficient pollution control systems for stack emissions.
Name the agreement that the Navy follows to dispose of treated sewage in foreign waters?
SOFA (status of forces agreement)
How many nautical miles from the US coastline can vessels descharge unpulped trash?
What is the Navy's policy on energy conservation?
The Navy makes every possible effort to improve the way it uses energy resources without compromising readiness, effectiveness, or safety.
What form would an individual use to request a sponsor if they have not been contacted by their gaining command?
NAVPERS 1330/2 or Navy Sponsor Notification Form
What program provides you with support and information about foreign lands?
ODSP(overseas duty support program)
Besides ODSP, what other source can you use to get information about other countries?
through the OTIS (overseas transfer information service), visiting your local family service center, or by logging on to the SITES home page. www.dmdc.osd/mil/sites
What program does the Navy have that rewards you monetarily for beneficial suggestions, inventions, and scientific achievements?
MILCAP(military cash awards program)
What Navy program provides educational programs for people who don't meet the Navy's fitness or body fat standards and who also need to help change long-established bad health habits?
Health and Physical Readiness Program
With regard to pregnant servicewomen, what is the Navy's responsibility?
Providing obstetrical care at a medical facility if it has OBGYN facilities and if the servicwoman lives in the treatment facility area.
List the responsibilities of pregnant servicwomen.
a. Plan pregnancy to meet family and military obligation.
b. Confirm pregnancy with military facility
c. Notify CO or OIC of pregnancy
d. Perform military duties while pregnant.
e. Comply with work-and task-related safety and health recommendations.
Service members must complete what forms for family care?
a. NAVPERS 1740/6 (Family Care Plan Certificate)
b. NAVPERS 1740/7 (Family Care Plan Arrangements)
List the areas that the Department of the Navy public affairs office informs the public and service members about.
a. The Navy as an instrument of national policy & security.
b. Navy operations and programs.
c. The responsibilities and activities of naval personnel as U.S. citizens.
What is the Navy's policy on drug abuse?
ZERO tolerance
What is the purpose of the Integrity and Efficiency Program?
To detect, deter, and eliminate fraud, waste, and abuse.
List the ways to report fraud, waste, and abuse.
a. Chain of Command
b. Navy hotline
c. NCIS(Naval Criminal Investigative Service)
d. Congressional communication
For the Navy to maintain public confidence in its integrity, naval personnel should comply with what?
The Standards of Conduct & Professional Ethics
All naval personnel should be treated equally and be given equal opportunities. What program does the Navy use to acheive this purpose?
CMEO(Command Managed Equal Opportunity)
Who provides guidance and policy for the CMEO Program?
CNO(Chief of Naval Operations)
Telling a sexist or racial joke would be an example of what type of behavior?
Insensitive Practice.
To avoid discriminating practices in the operation of exchanges, commissaries, service clubs, and recreational facilities, what do command facilities provide?
Provide a variety of products and services.
Where is the best place for you or your family to start to resolve an off-base discrimination complaint?
Your Chain of Command.
Service members can attend civil rights demonstrations and similar gatherings except for what conditions?
a. While wearing their uniform or during duty hours.
b. When held on a military reservation or in a foreign country.
c. When law and order are violated or when they could reasonably be expected to result in violence.
You have submitted a special request chit and feel that the chain of command has not resolved your discrimination complaint. What should be your next course of action?
Request Captain's Mast.
What is hazing?
Hazing is any conduct whereby a military member or members, regardless of service or rank, without proper authority causes another military member or members, regardless of service or rank, to suffer or be exposed to any activity which is cruel, abusive, humiliating, oppressive, demeaning, or harmful.
What is the Navy's policy on hazing?
Hazing is prohibited.
Improper conduct is considered sexual harassment when.....
a. submission to or rejection of such conduct is made either explicitly or implicitly a term or condition of a person's job.
b. Pay, or career; submission to or rejection of such conduct by a person is used as a basis for career or employment decisions affecting that person.
c. Such conduct interferes with an individual's performance or creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive environment.
A person's behavior is to be termed as sexual harassment if it is....
a. unwelcome
b. Sexual in nature.
c. Occurs in or impacts on the work environment.
Whose perception counts when there is unwelcome behavior?
Recipient's perception.
Your LCPO offers you high marks on your evals in exchange for sexual favors. What type of sexual harassment is this?
Quid Pro Quo (This for that)
Displaying sexual posters or using sexual explicit language creates what type of environment?
Hostile working environment.
How has the Navy made it easier to understand the wide range of good to bad behavior?
The Navy has compared behavior ranges to the traffic light.
a. Red Light-sexual harassment behavior.
b. Yellow Light-Many people find behavior unacceptable.
c. Green Light-Acceptable behavior, not sexual harassment.
Describe why the Navy has a fraternization policy?
To promote good order and discipline.
What is the function of the ombudsman?
a. Acts as a liason between Navy families and the command.
b. Keeps the families informed about command policies.
How does the ombudsman communicate with Navy families?
Via ways approved by the command.
ex. command newsletters, command-sponsored telephone "careline," or phone trees.
List some of the agencies or organizations ombudsman work with.
a. Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society
b. American Red Cross
c. Family Service Centers
d. Chaplain's office
e. Navy Wifeline Association
f. Medical treatment facilities
g. Legal assistance offices
What must a first term Sailor have before they can reenlist or extend?
must have ENCORE approval.
(Enlisted Navy Career Options for Reenlistment)
When leaving the Navy, what determines if you will be able to reenlist at a later date?
Reenlistment code.
When away from their home district, how can a Sailor and his family register to vote?
By using a Federal Post Card Application for Absentee Ballot (FPCA)
SF Form 76
Vessels may not discharge unpulped trash at sea within how many NM from U.S. Coastlines?
25 NM
Vessels may not discharge pulped trash at sea within how many NM from U.S. Coastlines?
12 NM
Vessels may not discharge any trash within how many NM of Foreign Coastlines?
25 NM
Submarines may discharge negatively buoyant trash not less than how many NM from U.S. Coastlines
12 NM
No servicewoman may be assigned overseas or travel overseas after the beginning of what week of pregnancy?
28th week
Pregnant servicewomen won’t remain aboard ship if it takes longer than how many hours for medical evacuation to a treatment facility?
6 hours
Servicewomen cannot remain on board a deployable unit beyond what week of pregnancy?
20th week
Normally the CO grants how many weeks of Convalescent leave after the servicewoman has delivered a baby?
6 weeks (42 Days)
The military Cash Awards Program (MILCAP) awards up to how much money?
You could be charged up to how much money for disclosing a service members privacy act information?
An Ombudsman attends how many hours of intense training?
20 Hours