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You are manning the sound-powered telephone in a raepair locker. DC Central calls and wants the serial number of the P-100 pump (23DBCX14) in your repair locker. How should you say this over the telephone?
Too Tree Delta Brave Charlie X-Ray Wun Fore
True or False. The mouthpiece and earpiece of a sound-powered phone are interchangeable.
Describe the reason why you pick the headset phones up as a whole unit.
If you pick up the mouthpiece or headpiece by itself, delicate wires could break.
You are finished using the headset sound-powered phone. You should then unplug the headset for what reason?
If you have the headset plugged in, the earpieces pick up background noises and transmit them over the circuit.
When using a handset sound-powered phone, what action should you take to talk or listen through the phone?
To talk or listen, depress the button located between the transmitter and receiver.
List the 3 categories of Sound-powered phone circuits.
a. Primary
b. Auxilliary
c. Supplementary
What types of circuits are Primary Circuits?
Primary circuits includes all curcuits necessary for controlling armament, engineering, damage control, maneuvering, and surveillance functions during battle. These circuits are designated JA through JZ.
What types of circuits are Auxilliary Circuits?
These duplicate many of the primary circuits for the purpose of maintaining vital comms in the event of damage to the primary system. Circuit designation are the same as their primary counterpart, but proceded with the letter X. (XJA)
What types of circuits are Supplementary Circuits?
X1J through X61J, consist of several short, direct circuits, such as from the bridge to the quarterdeck or from teh quarterdeck to the wardroom.
An XJZ circuit is what type of circuit?
Auxilliary Circuit
List some tips you should use to be a good phone talker.
a. Speak clearly and directly into the phone.
b. Don't have food or gum in your mouth.
c. Don't paraphrase messages; repeat them word for word.
d. Speak slowly.
e. In an emergency, speak calmly and precisely.
f. Don't use local accents.
Sound-powered phone circuits are like a party line; therefore, some phone talker disciplines must be followed. List four types of good discipline.
a. Transmit official message only.
b. Keep the button in the OFF position except when transmitting.
c. Use standard terms and phrases.
d. Don't use slang or profanity.
A sound-powered-phone circuit has to be cleared to transmit an important message. What should the sender say over the circuit?
"Silence on the line."
When you receive a message, what is the proper response?
Repeat message.
Identify yourself.
Acknowledge the message.
(e.g. "Slack off stern line; fantail, aye."
You are taking a telephone message. List the four elements that you should include when taking a message.
a. Name of caller
b. Message
c. Time and date
d. Your name.
List the terminal devices used with IVCS.
a. Network.
b. Dial.
What is the purpose of the ICSC within the IVCS?
Acts like a switchboard and connects the caller with the person who called.
Your phone system is unsecured. When receiving a call, you should answer the phone by saying what?
"This line is unsecured."
"This is a non-secure line."
What system is tied into the 1MC circuit?
Alarm system
What circuit is the damage control circuit?
What person(s) authorize(s) calls passed over the 1MC?
a. OOD (Officer of the Deck)
b. XO (Executive Officer)
c. CO (Commanding Officer)
What is the difference between a 1MC circuit and a 21MC circuit?
The 1MC is a one-way system and the 21MC is an intercom with two-way communication.
To what are the first 4 channels of WIFCOM assigned for Damage Control Central?
a. Channel 1 - Repair 5
b. Channel 2 = Repair 2
c. Channel 3 = Rapair 3
d. Channel 4 = Ship-to-ship communications
List some of the flags and pennants used by the Navy.
The international alphabet flags; numeral pennants and a code/answer pennant; a set of number flags, special flags, and pennants; and four substitutes or repeaters.
What flag is flown for a man overboard?
What flag is flown if there are divers in the water?
Code Alfa
What flag is flow if a general-court martial is in session?
The Union Jack
What flag is flow if worship service(s) are in progress?
Church pennant/Jewish worship pennant
In port, commissioned ships display the national ensign and the union jack from what locations?
The national ensign is flow from the flagstaff at the stern, and the union jack is flown from the jackstaff at the bow.
In large ships, what person is usually responsible for making sure that special flags and pennants are displayed?
The signalman of the watch.
What is the flagstaff insignia for a captain?
A ball.
A boat with the halbert insignia on the flagstaff is approaching your ship. What is the rank of the person on the ship?
There is a flag or general officer on board, whose official salute is less than 19 guns.
What flag if flown if the captain is absent?
The third pennant.
When are side boys paraded?
For scheduled official visits.
When a gun salute is prescribed, when is it fired?
When the visitor approaches and is still clear of the side.